Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Mobilizing users to protect business information. Productivity & remote work go together like sashimi & wasabi! 🍣

Check that your Backblaze version history is compatible with your data retention/deletion commitment

📬 Protect files on external storage, like portable SSDs and hard drives, using Veracrypt

📣 Get help easily: use CC for Support

You may be familiar with the task of contacting software

📬 iCloud Advanced Data Protection: how to use it

End-to-end encryption has arrived for more iCloud services. Here's how to turn on Advanced Data Protection and improve business use of iCloud.

📣 Get security reminders: subscribe to the Safer Business calendar

Security behaviours are best done regularly, a little at a time.

🛠 Google Workspace cheatsheet

Tips, links, and resources: for Google Workspace.

📬 Browser extensions can let people snoop on what you see, hear, and type

You installed a browser extension. Is it selling everything you do?

📬 Apple's Lockdown Mode is here: try it, you can turn it off later

The operating system (glossary) for iPhones and iPads has been

⚡️ Switch to a password manager: the easy way

When we start using a password manager, we're doing one

Create a checklist for dealing with data loss