🛠 Bitwarden cheatsheet
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🛠 Bitwarden cheatsheet

Anyone can use Bitwarden. The password manager is particularly good for helping you remember good passwords and protecting you from password thieves.
Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager
Bitwarden, the open source password manager, makes it easy to generate and store unique passwords for any browser or device. Create your free account on the platform with end-to-end encryption and flexible integration options for you or your business.
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⚡️ Basic quickstart for Bitwarden on desktop
Effectively getting started with Bitwarden is easy.

TL;DR: Why we use this tool

✅ This company offers its code for public review. Competing products (such as LastPass and 1Password) are not designed to give this benefit.

✅ This company has a good stance on privacy. Competing products (such as LastPass) do not have as good a reputation.

✅ This product supports multi-factor authentication using a common standard (Sources: 5). Competing products (such as LastPass and 1Password) are also likely to offer this feature.

✅ This product supports data portability, using common standards (Sources: 6). Portability is important for avoiding lock-in, allowing you to transfer out your data should you ever choose to.

⚠️ Your information in Bitwarden could be used by threat actors who get access to your Bitwarden login credentials. This risk is common to all competing products (such as LastPass and 1Password). This risk can be significantly reduced using multi-factor authentication (known as two-step login in Bitwarden).

This product checks all our boxes!
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Extra ways we get value from this tool

  • The service supports two-step login (as recommended by Sources: 1) on all their clients.
  • This service supports a live-man switch, called Emergency Access, that can be set up to delegate access to the account if the person owning the account can no longer do so manually.
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How to get support

To resolve issues using Bitwarden, follow these steps.

  1. Message Bitwarden support (https://bitwarden.com/contact/) and get responses via email. If you are a paid user, your request is prioritized (Sources: 2). In our experience, unless your request is extremely time-sensitive, you won't need priority support.
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