🥁 Getting Digital Right crib sheet - made for the BC Self-Employment Program

Welcome to a Majorcord Education exclusive-our Doing Digital Right workshop with content customized for the BC Self-Employment Program run by EthosCMG on behalf of the YMCA and Open Door Group.
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Learning to be safer AND more competitive using IT doesn't have to be a scary or intimidating!

You've arrived at this page, either using a link sent to you by your organization, or using the link you've just been given by your workshop educator.

Pre-workshop: Get ready

Download a preview of the workshop in pdf, using this secure outlink. Extra instructions are here if needed.

Download the workshop deck in pdf, using this secure outlink.

Screenshot of deck cover, showing two people with crossed arms. Subtitle reads: An SEP crash course: leverage safer tools & easier techniques every day, to meet professional expectations and capture market share.
In case of technical issues sharing their screen, your educator will instruct you to use the pdf you downloaded.

During the workshop: Put learning into practice

  1. Follow the presentation using the Zoom call.
  2. Take notes, but don't worry about writing down everything being said.
Jot down anything new to you, and focus on asking questions that give you clarity about the topics being discussed.

After the workshop, you'll be given access to the resources you need to get started.

Post-workshop: Take home material

Your organization has arranged for you to get upgraded access to Majorcord's IT guides at no cost to yourself. Your upgraded access will last for 12 months from the date of your workshop.

Step 1 (of 3): Create a majorcord.com account

Follow the steps to create a free basic account. After, you will request that the basic account be upgraded to access paid content at no extra charge to SEP participants.

How to create a free account
Create a free majorcord.com account for password-less access to members-only guides and timely suggestions, delivered via email, in response to current events.
Once logged in to your new account, you should be able to access this checklist for completing your SEP reports quickly and easily.

Step 2 (of 3): Request a free upgrade to access all content using the form below

Your access to upgraded Majorcord's IT guides is at no charge to yourself, through your organization. Your upgraded access lasts until the end of your program.

Send your program facilitator high fives for their hard work arranging for you to get the resources to succeed!

Step 3 (of 3): Get started

Use our Sorting Hat to find the right first steps, making your type of business safer and more productive.

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Answer a few questions to help us direct you to pages that will get you started.

Skim our Welcome resource to become familiar with all our resources available for you, as you kickstart your business.

Getting Started - Majorcord | safer business
Meta resources created to help you use Majorcord more effectively.

Browse our Upcoming Bookclubs to see how social reading could help you as an entrepreneur.

📖 Upcoming bookclubs
Bookclubs are ongoing and open to all subscribers-paid and free.
Learning to be safer AND more competitive using IT doesn't have to be a scary or intimidating!
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