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  • This document applies to Majorcord Canada and its properties, such as majorcord.com


An audit report is created for use by a specific client to improve their digital safety and security. It is unlikely that a report created for one client will apply to another client's situation. We do not recommend that reports be used in this way.

The suggestions provided in audit reports are created from the baseline indicated by self-reported information. The goal is to improve the level of safety and security from the baseline. The suggestions do not guarantee security, as no security is absolute in the face of evolving threats.

Audits rely on self-reported information from a specific point in time and are likely incomplete. We provide suggestions based on our best effort at reconstructing the client's operational environment.


Majorcord Canada reserves the right to its own brand. Use of the brand is permitted, while following brand guidelines, only in the following circumstances:

  • internal dissemination of audit reports created by Majorcord Canada, by the commissioning client of said audit(s).

Cited products, services, and vendors

Majorcord Canada, as policy, does not and cannot specifically recommend any commercial service provider for you specifically. We use our experience to research and satisfy our concerns before we use services ourselves. We have neither sufficient access nor resources to audit claims made by service providers. We also do not have the access to audit your entire electronic system. You will need to decide for yourself whether our research constitutes sufficient assurances for your own level of privacy and security needs. For that reason, we are completely transparent with our sources, and provide them on every resource.

Payment methods

Client services

Interac e-Transfer is our preferred payment method for clients billed by invoice. We have selected e-Transfer for improved convenience, cost, and security.

Please note that any alternative payment methods made available to you may not be available in future.

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Stripe is the payment processor for subscriptions. Please see Stripe's Terms of Service during the checkout process.

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